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Due to the nanoporous structure of the dielectric layer of al oxide material, products manufactured by the aluminum oxide technology have significant competitive advantages. So, with a pore size of 65-90 nm it became possible to achieve high integral thermal conductivity over 120 W/mK and a high breakdown voltage of minimum 2,5 kV at a relatively low price compared to similar in performance market offerings.

The key technical characteristics of the al oxide PCB are present in the table below:

General advantages of al oxide PCBs:

  • Competitive price
  • Stable dielectric properties under different climatic influences
  • High thermal durability
  • Large panels production
  • High density mounting
  • Simple technological cycle of production
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly

All al oxide products have passed extesive realibility tests by the leading laboratories, institutes and numerous partners and clients. The aluminum oxide technology also enables creating PCB and modules of any size and shape, which makes it possible to invent new design and engineering solutions. Due to the high thermal conductivity it is possible to perform high-density packaging of components and maintain desired temperature and productivity at the same time. Products manufactured by the aluminum oxide technology are easy to use and do not require drilling or metallization processes.

When designing a PCB based on al oxide technology, you shall follow the design rules for any project on al oxide, which can be found on our website here.