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Currently, HPS lamps and metal-halide horizontal lamps with the wattage of 1200-1500 W are mainly used for the cultivation of crops that require artificial lighting. Until now, there has been no substitutive LED lamp, as the main problem in using LED lamps was to achieve the same photon flux per unit area in compliance with the required color spectrum that affects the plant growth and biomass accretion without disrupting plant metabolism.

Using RUSALOX high thermal conductive PCBs and new powerful CREE phyto LEDs, we have succeeded in selecting the necessary light spectrum similar to HPS through high-density mounting of high brightness diodes of blue, white and red colors under a single lens. We have also built a control system for each diode cluster of a certain color.

RUSALOX phyto-solution is unique due to its technological features, properties of al oxide PCBs, new generation of high power CREE LEDs and engineering solutions for the design and control system.