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RUSALOX team attanded the world-leading LED event for the third time – LED Proffesional Symposium and Expo 2017.  Annually we participate the LpS Sumposium and Expo and have a lecture on importance of thermal management in modern devices. This year RUSALOX talked about  “New Design Possibilities of LED Devices and Equivalently Equal Thermal, Optical and Electrical Parameters“, more than 100 people interested in current obstacles regarding efficient heat dissipation came to the lecture.

We gladly welcome the market awareness of necessity of high thermal conductive materials with relatively high dielectric strength at competitive cost in comparison to ‘advanced’ MCPCB common in the industry. Solutions with CSP LEDs  and high-densed power modules are becoming more and more popular among engineers and developers as well as horticultural and smart solutions with several control channels and dimming options are more than welcome by the leading LED enterprises.

During LpS RUSALOX met with numerous world-leading PCB manufacturers who are extremely amazed by the properties and possibilities of aluminum oxide technology and very high thermal conductivity of Al2O3 dielectric layer ( 12 W/mK).  Moreover, many engineers and designers showed their willingness to use al oxide substrates for new generations of automobile lighting, high bays, projectors, horticultural suspend lamps. For the first time in 2017 we presented our new products and designs of al oxide products –  PCBs on thin anodized aluminum, substrates for sensors, IGBT and DC/DC conventors, a range of LED modules with CSP LEDs, which performance and wattage outperfom the existing modern Chip-On-Board (COB) systems.

We would like to enormously thank the LpS organizing team for splendid opportunities and remarkable event!