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For the third time, RUSALOX team has taken a part in the leading Asian LED trade show – Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2017. We have been nicely surprised that the problems of efficient heat dissipation in modern LED systems is becoming more and more actual and clearer to manufacturers of both LED devices and other systems. RUSALOX remains the one only Russian producer who exhibits at the GILE and, thus, provokes huge boom among Asian and Western visitors and exhibitors.

Due to the constant presence of RUSALOX on the world-leading LED and power electronics trade shows, aluminum oxide (al oxide) technology is already well-known by Chinese, European and American enterprises, which do recognize its market and usage potential and are eager to expand the cooperation with us. We were very glad to catch up with partners and fellows who are permanently looking for opportunities to cooperate and integrate RUSALOX al oxide solutions to their final products as well as to have a fruitful discussion on current thermal management problems and methods of their elimination by introducing al oxide solutions to LED devices of different applications. Following the traditions, particular interest in al oxide PCBs was awoken by Chip-on-Board manufacturers and high power diodes where heat dissipation problem is very crucial. Recent development of 0,35 mm thickness al oxide solutions was overwhelming and more than welcomed by our partners, potential customers, existing customers and friends.

Personally from RUSALOX staff, we would like to thank the team of Messe Frankfurt HK, the organizer of GILE, for the support and promotion of Russian high-tech manufacturing!