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AL OXIDE PCB Gen. 2.0-2.5

PCB, based on al oxide technology, consists of conductive layers of aluminum and dielectric layer (Al2O3) with nanoporous structure. The products manufactured by al oxide technology have successfully passed all the necessary tests (including tests of thermal reliability), and today we can safely say that al oxide products superior substitute products on the main consumer characteristics. It is crucial that this technology is environmentally friendly, namely final products can then be easily disposed that distinguishes it from traditional MCPCB

Fullcycle production inhouse

RUSALOX specializes in producing high thermal conductive substrates of any complexity and offers its partners additional services:

  • design of al oxide PCB and all necessary production documentation handling
  • consulting and technical support by Engineering Depart.
  • testing of al oxide products in the presence of highly qualified employees of RUSALOX

Highly qualified specialist

All RUSALOX employees have solid experience in designing and producing PCBs, electronics, high technologies development and engineering. The majority of them have been involved in al oxide technology development and further serial production from company’s foundation. Our high-tech engineers are open-minded and eager to find a suitable solution for unique specific applications.


Quality and reliability

Quality is insured by high-precision electro-testing setups, visual and mechanical control, microscopy. All al oxide PCBs and substrates go through careful inspection of Technological Depart. And correspond to the strictest standard of  ISO 9001:2008, RoHS, UL.


Serial production of innovative nanotechnology  

RUSALOX is the only company in the world, which have successfully mastered al oxide technology and launched ass production of products based on it.