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At Lyon conference Nakamura San in his remarkable speech, dedicated to vision of LED industry future, among many important trends, mentioned about underestimated importance of thermal interface materials. He predicts and describes an ideal demandable in nearest future thermal management material as highly productive, comfortable for use, inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

He was pleasantly surprised, that such material already exists, developed and distributed by RUSALOX. Nakamura San expressed his will to visit RUSALOX booth and get some samples for further testing at US research facility. Michael Naish proudly presented RUSALOX material and solutions to Prof. Nakamura.


On behalf of RUSALOX team we express our gratitude and admiration of Prof. Nakamura`s unique and precise vision of future trends, wishing him good luck in all inventions and humbly hoping to support his department in field of thermal management materials and solutions with any assistance and all RUSALOX competence.