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Since 2011 RUSALOХ production facility is located in the city of Vladimir on the territory of the industrial park of JSC ‘Vladimir Production Association ‘Tochmash’ where the company has fine-tuned existing production area and installed modern Russian, Israeli and European equipment.

RUSALOХ is one of the largest residents of JSC ‘VPO ‘Tochmash’ and occupies an area of 3000 sq. m. The current monthly production capacity for al oxide-based products stands over 150 000 sq. dm. monthly and the expected production expansion at the end of 3Q 2017 will enable RUSALOX to manufacture more than 200 000 sq. dm. Moreover, RUSALOX has a possibility to outsource some of the orders to its Asian subcontactor facility, which enable mass production of more than 500 000 sq. dm. per month.

RUSALOХ’ Vladimir-based facorty has an advantageous geographic location – 8 km away from the federal highways and 180 km away from Moscow, where the company’s headquaters is based. The industrial park territory has a uniform engineering infrastructure – power facilities and power supply networks, heating systems, water facilities, sewage treatment plants, communication network and security. 

RUSALOX has a full production cycle from design to the final product in-house. The production process is carried out under the supervision of highly-skilled engineers and technologists with wide experience in the industry. The industrial park and its equipment are being constantly upgraded.


Small anodizing line

Brushing line

Big vacuum sputtering line

Vacuum sputtering line

Galvanic line

Galvanic line

Alkaline etching line

Etching line

Universal milling line

Exposure & lamination lines

Solder mask printing line

Film development line

Hot tinning line

Immersion silver line

           Electrical test – flying probe


SMD line