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RUSALOX is a high-tech developer and manufacturer of high thermal conductive PCB and substrates. Manufacturing process is based on unique aluminum oxide (al oxide) technology, which provides high cooling efficiency of any heat-dissipating electronic components. RUSALOX al oxide PCB and substrates have performance comparable to standard ceramics (Al2O3/AlN) with mechanical features of IMS (Insulated metal substrate) materials at a very competitive price to the alternatives.


  • LED lighting
    • General LED lighting
    • WireBond Chip-On-Board (COB)
    • Chip-On-Board
    • Flip Chip
    • Horticultural LED Lighting
    • Automobile LED lighting
  • Automotive  Industry
  • Power Electronics
  • High-frequency Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Aviation Industry
  • Medical Industry

Competitive advantages of  RUSALOX high thermal conductive products based on al oxide technology 

  • Extremely high thermal conductivity – 120 W/mK
  • Good dielectric properties
    • Thermal conductivity – 12 W/mK
    • Topology management
    • Possibility to perform extrication of oxide under mounting component (for example, LED or transistor)
  • Reliability and durability
  • Friendly and safe in use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Production in big panel-ups 490x330mm
  • Customized production of any complexity and shape
  • Competitive price (for example, 10 times lower than AlN substrate)


Our mission is to create a new generation of devices and high-tech solutions for the semiconductor, power, high-frequency, microelectronics and aerospace industries using  the properties and capabilities of the al oxide technology .

Joint researches and development with key industry players have already allowed us solving some of the existing thermal management problems and creating new technological and design solutions, and in the future will enable applications in other industries.

RUSALOX highly qualified engineering and R&D teams are constantly looking for new ways of long-term and fruitful collaboration to build  the most effective products with outstanding competitive advantages, and the manufacturing plant team will ensure the timely production in required quantities and guarantee reliability of final al oxide products.


RUSALOX was established in December 2010 in order to organize the mass production of high thermal conductivity elements based on al oxide technology. The company was started with the participation of RUSNANO, venture capital fund ‘Tamir Fishman CIG’ and Russian Venture Company. In August 2011 RUSALOX signed long-term lease contracts of production, office space and equipment with OJSC ‘Vladimir Production Association’. In September 2011 RUSALOX started producing and selling al oxide PCB using the leased equipment.

The launch of the first manufacturing line with a capacity of 200 panels (~ 6.000 sq.dm) per month took place in February 2012. In December 2013 the second manufacturing line with a capacity of 400 panels (~ 12.000 sq.dm) per month was launched. The first export sales were made already in a year – at the end of 2014. At the end of 2015 the total revenue from the sales of al oxide products increased by 2.1 times in comparison to 2014. Since the end of 2015 RUSALOX is exporting its al oxide products to the international markets – Europe and Asia.

Within the shortest period of time RUSALOX has managed to achieve incredible success and to become the only company in the world that mastered al oxide technology and started mass production of products on its base. Throughout its existence RUSALOX has received more than 4 patents, has published more than 10 articles in various professional issues, has been awarded with the certificate of compliance ‘NANOCERTIFICA’ and the Badge Russian Nanotechnology Product, has won in the nomination ‘The best high-tech product 2015’ and has become a winner in the contest ‘GreenChip’. Thanks to the proposed al oxide solution of RUSALOX, scientists from France, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic and Russia have managed to create a new electromagnetic calorimeter for the COMPASS experiment at CERN after eight years of hard work. RUSALOX is the official provider of Thermal Management solutions at CSP (Cree Solution Provider Program) and has become the only Russia-based certified partner of OSRAM within the LED Light For You (LLFY) program.