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Safety is one of the most important factors in the electronics industry. Manufacturers and end users of electronic products must be assured of its quality and reliability, as well as in fire and electrical safety. Thus, the printed circuit boards and materials in their composition must meet the highest standards. To ensure this compliance, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) has developed procedures for standardization and certification in the field of safety engineering, and is the most authoritative testing laboratory.

In 2018 RUSALOX, LLC successfully passed numerous tests of aluminum oxide material and PCBs based on it, and received the relevant quality certificates and the right to use the UL mark on all aluminum oxide products.

The use of aluminum oxide products certified by UL not only guarantees its safety and high quality, but also simplifies the certification process for the end products of semiconductor devices, LED and power electronics, and greatly facilitates access to international markets.

Use the link to view the RUSALOX UL certificates.