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We all know very well that the serial connection of LEDs prevails over the parallel one. However, still many customers prefer to choose the latest one because of fictional stereotypes. There is a dozen of various articles about the shortcomings of the parallel connection of the diodes, but just to remind: with this type of connection the voltage drop on the LED differs, sometimes very slightly, from LED to LED in a chain and the current is distributed unevenly. All these affect the temperature on the LED and, thus, its durability and reliability. Moreover, the more current you apply, the more obvious this temparture difference becomes and, in its turn, forces you to use equalizing resistors, which consequently reduce the effectiveness of the end product.

RUSALOX’, as a manufacturer of  high conductive PCB based on aluminum oxide, objective is to increase the efficiency of the LEDs’ performance and prolong its service life due to effective heat dissipation possible on our material. We do not have any stereotypes with the choice of what connection type of the diodes to use while designing our solutions. For example, the al oxide solutions with OSRAM LEDs were successfully tested at OSRAM lab; the test outcomes have showed that at lower current both the efficiency Lm/W and the voltage are higher on the modules with the serial connection than on the sames ones with the parallel.

More infromation on al oxide modules with OSRAM LEDs and the detailed testing reports are available through the link.