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Last week RUSALOX and OSRAM Opto Semiconductors met at OSRAM’s German production facility in Regensburg where OSRAM’s engineering and marketing & sales departments and RUSALOX representatives shared their experience on working with OSRAM LEDs and discussed the next steps and perspectives of common cooperation.


RUSALOX expertises in thermal management, thus, primarily the companies focused on high power OSRAM LEDs, their market potential and unique properties and challenges OSRAM faces in terms of heat dissipation. The main objective of the meeting was to find the solutions where the combination of al oxide technology and high power OSRAM diodes would be in high demand on the market, open new possibilities to Russian manufacturers of LED systems and, therefore, increase the sales turnover of all the parties.

RUSALOX, as a manufacturer of high thermal conductive PCBs and modules, is working with the majority of the world-leading LED manufacturers; our primary task is to give an opporutnity to work with any LED brand and its combination where heat dissipation is no more a problem becasue of the controlled thermal management properties. Special regard was made to OSRAM LEDs’ usage for LIDAR systems, horticulture lighting, projecting systems, HUD, and many others. Likewise, there were several solutions presented by RUSALOX as an LED substrate for OSRAM’s LED cost reduction.